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Gift Download Poster “Being At One with God”

How will you know you are being at one with God?


By Barbara Rose, PhD| Bestselling Author 33 Books| Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Expert| SAG-AFTRA

Bestselling Author of 33 Books| Global Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Expert| Public Speaker| Actor SAG-AFTRA

5 replies on “Gift Download Poster “Being At One with God””

Hi Barbara,
I am from Panama. I used to be one of the HSC members, you and Cathy Merendino helped me a lot with one problem I had in my love life. Cathy let me know about your current situation, so I pray for you and thank you for your beautiful gifts. There is a song by a Colombian singer (Waka Waka) that says that sometimes we have to start from “zero” to touch Heaven. We are human beings after all, but you and so many other people “inspire us” to be at one with God, with Love…especially during hard times. It’s good that you feel free to express your emotions. After I collapsed last year and let my family and friends help and showed them I wasn’t as strong as they thought I was, things got easier for me…I really like the word “evolution” for describing the phenomena that are happening to us these days. So, we are still in deep Higher Self Communication. I send you my best wishes 🙂


Dear Barbara,
I am checking with my husband tonight if it is okay for you to stay with us for a while. It sounds like you need help. We live in Fresno, CA. I will get back to you after I talk to my husband. I have a guest bedroom.
Love, Lisa


Dear Barbara,
I am holding you up in prayer to find your healing and resolution to your health and financial issues. Much love to you, Lisa


Glad you’re doing better and that you’ve discovered joy. =)I placed your name on the Distant Healing Network list and they had at least four healers sending you energy. I also sent it myself, as well as Attuned you long distance to Karuna Ki Master. I’ll be sending it to you for 21 days straight, hopefully starting tonight. Why 21 days you ask? =) Dr. Usui meditated and fasted for 21 days when he discovered Reiki and they say that it makes a difference.

Hope all continues to go well with you and thanks for the gifts. =)
oh,as far as healing yourself with the energy, I can’t post the manuals publicly, but I know that you can receive answers from God/dess and I know that s/he will explain it to you. =)


Dearest Zena,

Wow, THANK YOU SO MUCH! It is definitely working. I’m feeling strong and better each day. So please DO THANK all for me.
This is a special gift that you have, and how kind of you to send me this energy. I send you and all who are also sending this loving, pure energy so much love and light.

Keep it up, it’s making a huge difference!

Much love and Light,


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