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Why this Time Period in Your Life is the Catalyst for a Greater Mission

I bring through a message for you, an update for you to understand why this time period in your life is the catalyst for a greater mission.

Why this Time Period in Your Life is the Catalyst for a Greater Mission
Through Barbara Rose, PhD

My children whose love I have for you, you shall never be able to contemplate or measure, as it is as eternal as time, it never ends.

I bring through a message for you, an update for you to understand why this time period in your life is the catalyst for a greater mission. It is the mission you are here to live and experience, and the deep love you have in your heart will draw you into it, not out of will, but out of pure love.

The matters at hand are multiple. A look at your news shows you chaos amid love. There is only one energy that will survive, no matter how dark and gloomy circumstances appear to be in front of your eyes, and that is love.

What do you desire in your life? How would you like to see it all unfold? Would you believe me if I told you that there is far greater a mission for you than you can even fathom right now? I shall share this with you, it IS greater than you can fathom.

What is the urgency? You ask. How many people are dying of starvation? How many illnesses are amid your brothers and sisters? How many human beings are suffering, right now, this moment, crying, trying to find their way home? Millions upon millions among the billions who inhabit earth right now.

The carefree days when you live with concern for yourself alone must now transform. It is to be transformed into concern to all. I sent you a message before in the book If God Was Like Man and I shall send it again right now.

Imagine if you needed something, and for whatever reason could not get it, perhaps due to funds, and you asked someone to help you, and the answer would always be YES without question – can you imagine how life on earth would be knowing that you would never be denied anything you needed?

I am asking you to open your hearts, and say YES to anyone who asks you for anything that they truly need. If you are able to give it without it hurting you on any level, I ask that you do. I ask that you imagine for one moment that if YOU needed something, if you truly needed it and someone were to say NO, how would you feel? You would feel that I have forsaken you. But alas, how your views and feelings shift when you ask someone to help you with something you truly need, and the answer is YES, Ah, yes, then you feel love in your heart. It is the love I feel for you that is expressed through another person to you, just as Divine expression of love is expressed through your heart for anyone who is in need.

The matter of urgency is turning your backs. How would you feel if others turned their backs on you? Yes, people have, and it hurts. It feels sad, lonely, and you begin to wonder what you are doing here in this life, and why you are here to begin with.

You are here to express and experience your Divine self. To align your will with Divine will. How will you know what that is? It is the feeling of love that you have in your heart when you know you have done something motivated by pure love and care for yourself, or another.

This does NOT mean to love another at the expense of your self esteem or your survival. This means to live purely from your heart so you can see the results of being a living expression of Divine will in your life, and how it touches and ripples into the hearts of others. Alas, it changes life on earth.

I have asked Barbara Rose to hold one weekly free event. The purpose of this event is to guide you in understanding and knowing HOW you are receiving Divine guidance at ALL times. She will send you a notice for the second event. You have already received notice of the first.

Why is this so important? My children, once you know and are fully aware of your Divine connection, and the guidance that is being given to you, then you will never again feel all alone, for you are never alone, and you have heard this saying for eons. Now, it is time for you to experience it in your everyday life.

The time has come for you to receive the guidance you need at will, whenever you need it, so you hear it within your mind and heart. This is a simple process. It is a pure process. And, it is a free process.

As you experience it in your own life, as many of you already do, all I ask of you is that you share it with others who are open to this. Share it in your own words, in your own way, and know that you can never “mess up” when you desire pure divine communication. We just have to get you to be consciously awakened to the fact that you are actually receiving it every moment. Once you are aware of this, your life will transform at lightning speed.

Yes, this free service is being given to you to utilize whenever you feel you need inner guidance. You will know you are receiving it when your life begins to transform from darkness and chaos into purity, light and love. You will be experiencing your God-Self, as you already are. Now it is time for you to experience this on a daily, hourly, moment by moment basis. It is time. You are ready. The answers you seek are waiting for you. Please join the free calls that are made available to you through Barbara.

There are important rippling effects in this grand connection, and it is no accident that you are reading these words at this moment. For it is in this moment that you have needed to know how loved you really are; how guided you are, and now, you can listen within and hear the divine guidance given to you now and forevermore.

Be well.

© Copyright 2007, 2011 Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.

Received and Transcribed Wednesday, July 04, 2007

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By Barbara Rose, PhD| Bestselling Author 33 Books| Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Expert| SAG-AFTRA

Bestselling Author of 33 Books| Global Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Expert| Public Speaker| Actor SAG-AFTRA

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