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For You from God for All Who Feel Lost and Alone

This is not for the people already praying, but for the people who are not. For those who are lost and alone, hungry and confused, isolated and scared, poverty stricken and in despair.

For You from God for All Who Feel Lost and Alone
Through Barbara Rose, PhD

Preface: This payer is an urgent one, not for the people already

praying, but for the people who are not. For those who are lost and

alone, hungry and confused, isolated and scared, poverty stricken and

in despair. It is also a prayer for Mother Earth and for all of life

that exists both throughout earth as well as throughout the universe.

The higher reason why this prayer has been given to humanity is to

offset the negative views, bickering, hostility, and tremendous fears

many humans have of other beings. Remember my children that no one in

any universe can ever take your power away from you unless you allow


For those who do NOT know how to protect themselves, as well as for

all who would like to feel pure love and Divine protection, this is

for all.

Humanity’s Prayer and Request

“I ask that the purest love come through me now from Divine

God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, to bring through me the most positive

energy now that I can feel deep within my heart, as well as touch the

hearts of all who is alive, with purity, transparently, asking

nothing in return, but only beaming into every heart to uplift all.

I am One with the purest force of love, light and truth in the

universe. I am one with all, and I ask that through me, blessings are

brought forth for all of life on earth, and deep into every facet of

Earth herself.

There is only love and truth that will rein. I declare now that any

energy that is opposed to pure love and truth is immediately

transformed by golden light that bathes each one with such pure

bliss, that love is all it will desire to feel and experience.

Any being, any part of earth that has felt unloved, is now showered

with glowing, pure, soft and peaceful energy. All who have been sick

are now healed. All who have been hungry are now fed. All who have

been cold are now comfortable. All who have been alone and afraid are

now comforted. Prosperity abounds given from on high for the highest

and purest measure that is endless and eternal.

All of life on earth, all of life in earth, above and below earth are

bathed with endless rays of pure love, the love of God and the love

of Jesus Christ.

I ask that all the Angels who are at One with God, to please

intervene on my behalf, to protect me, all I love, all who feel

unloved, and for Divine Grace and God’s Pure Divine Intervention to protect

and watch over all, from every land, race, belief, creed, anyone who

has life shall now be continuously blessed.

I ask for the most pure loving energy to continuously pour over and

through all of life on earth. All is well. Every particle, breath and

energy is now bathed with the love of God our Creator. Heaven reigns

on earth. Heaven and bliss reign in our hearts and souls. The light

of eternal truth is the only light that prevails.

Love is the only energy that prevails.

Truth is the only reality that prevails.

Pure love is in all, and is all that prevails, now and for eternity.

And So It Is Done.”


Anytime you feel a lack of inner peace, this prayer and blessing will

comfort you, and restore the love, truth and joy in your heart.

This prayer is for everyone alive, and who will ever live on earth.

This prayer and request is immediately granted with Divine grace at

all times.

Always remember you are a most precious Child within. Your innocence

and any joy you have ever felt will come back into your consciousness

to be experienced again in the now moment.

You are One with All That Is, and in your heart and mind, if you ever

wish to say the words “I Am That I Am” you will feel an immediate

shift and pure loving upliftment in your heart – purely – because

this is your true essence and you shall know it, feel and experience

it with the loving joy of a babies smile. So innocent and pure – all

of humanity is and always will be filled with innocence, love and

purity – as each soul was born and came into the world this way, and

you shall experience this inner peace again any time you feel you

would like to.

All is well. You are loved. You are safe, protected and cherished

purely for being you.”

Brought through 7/13/2007 3:00:50 AM by Barbara Rose, PhD as

it was given from God our Ultimate Creator for all.

By Barbara Rose, PhD| Bestselling Author 33 Books| Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Expert| SAG-AFTRA

Bestselling Author of 33 Books| Global Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Expert| Public Speaker| Actor SAG-AFTRA

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