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Princess Diana Happy about Prince William and Kate Engagement Since 2007

In 2007 Diana said, “I’m very happy William and Kate got engaged…” With her joy what was amazing was how she spoke about the engagement in past tense, as if it already happened…

This is written with great loving care and respect, especially for Prince William, Prince Harry, and Kate Middleton, the beautiful Bride-to-be who will soon be Princess Catherine.

I know it sounds odd to speak of “visits” when our loved ones are no longer in this life, but they truly are, we just can’t see them.
Today is the anniversary of my first father Milan’s passing, and it was from a visit during sleep that he came to me and let me know the truth of what happened when I was a little girl, how I was adopted. The truth always comes out in the end.

Then this past year, during sleep, I received a visit from the first boy I had a major crush on when I was eight years old. He let me know he got sick, and couldn’t stay, he “had to go back.” I had a sudden “idea” to Google him, and when I put “Ronnie Janofsky” it immediately came up that he had passed away. He was so young – in his forties, with a beautiful wife and children. I cried because the news went to the core of me. He is dearly missed.

From the time I was born, the same year Princess Diana was born, our lives had so many parallels, that when she passed my Mom was petrified I was going to pass as well.

My intention to share this comes with loving care, especially for Prince William who so loves his “Mum” and wants her to be a part of his marriage, that I felt he would be happy to know what his Mummy has told me, during a visit while asleep.

I feel it is important to share that Diana has “visited” me countless times since her passing. During every single visit we were in England. We were at the Palace. We were best friends and long lost sisters, but I did not confide in anyone fearing looking like a crazy person, until I shared with my Mom, who told me of the identical experiences with Diana.

What was happening was Diana would visit me, long, happy, joy filled visits, with the exception of the night before the dreadful book “A Royal Duty” was released, Diana visited me while asleep, crying on my shoulder at the utter betrayal of her confidences. In every “dream” “visit” we were the closest of sisters.

And the next night, Diana would visit my Mom, ALSO as a dear friend, long lost sister. This was going on for many months.

In 2007 Diana once again visited me while asleep beaming with joy while she said, “I am very happy William and Kate got engaged.” She spoke about it as if it has already happened, in past tense. My fearful ego got the best of me, like a fool I was afraid of looking completely insane sharing this.

For whatever it is worth, for whoever may personally know Prince William, please let him know that his Mum is so happy about his engagement, and has been since 2007.

On the quest for spiritual truth and wisdom I’ve literally asked God HOW it could be that anyone who has had direct contact with me while asleep in a “dream/visit” from Princess Diana to Jesus Christ – HOW can they show or tell me what will happen? How can ANY of us “know” in advance what will happen as if it is past tense?

The answer is actually simple.

We create a detailed outline of why we are here, what we are here to do in this lifetime, and it is identical to writing a play, and then we enjoy acting it out.

I literally asked God what will happen in my own life. And the guidance that flowed into my mind coming from God, however you personally understand that to be, is, “That would take away the joy of life. The wonder of how everything falls into place, in such perfect timing – I will not tell you because it would be the SAME thing as if you went to a movie theater and bought a ticket to see a movie, when someone who is EXITING the same theater says, “Oh, the girlfriend dies at the end.”


God explains it is the same way. We ALL want to know “what is going to happen?” However, the purpose of this post is to share the simple truth with Prince William and Prince Harry that their Mummy is VERY MUCH ALIVE and sees ALL that is happening – she is WITH THEM SO MUCH, and is SO PROUD OF THEM, AND in Prince William’s choice to marry Kate Middleton. Princess Diana is thrilled.

Our loved ones see everything. And in a dream, as God gave me the guidance to explain to all who have loved ones who have gone to the Other Side, can you, just for a moment, imagine that you do not have eyesight or hearing. Now imagine that your loved one comes into the room to visit you, and I tell you that your loved one is here visiting you, when YOU reply, “No, she’s not here at all. I can’t see her or hear her.” When I would have to lovingly reply with the truth, “You are blind and deaf – of course you cannot see her or hear her, but this does NOT mean she is not standing right here!”

I hope this information helps to ease any emotional pain or suffering particularly during this and every Holiday season – our loved ones are WITH us. As an engagement present, I am honored to give Prince William and Kate ten hour long private sessions via phone. Congratulations to the beautiful couple!!

By Barbara Rose, PhD| Bestselling Author 33 Books| Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Expert| SAG-AFTRA

Bestselling Author of 33 Books| Global Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Expert| Public Speaker| Actor SAG-AFTRA

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