SOS – The Secret Nobody Knows

By Barbara Rose, PhD

Never in my life did I think I would write an article about SOS soap pads. Yes, those little square steel wool pads that are typically used to clean pots and pans – but the one’s with the lemon scent.

There’s a secret I discovered that I wanted to share with you. Many years ago, in 1981, my Grandma Rose bought me a set of silver flat ware (forks, knives, spoons). The set got very tarnished once I took it out of the protective box. The tarnish was so bad, the spoons looked nearly black.

I tried using the advertised “Tarnex” – and I don’t know what rat poison smells like but that’s the smell of Tarnex. I tried it, and it left this horrible stain on the silverware. It did NOT clean the silver at all.

Then, out of the blue, a thought popped into my mind to try SOS soap pads. I happened to have them under the sink. I took out an SOS lemon scented soap pad, and very gently wet it and wiped the silver spoons with it when in a second, the silver spoons looked like brand new silver!

I was amazed. Then I took a sterling silver tea pot that was tarnished worse than the spoons. Again, with the SOS soap pads, the tarnish came off immediately, without any physical effort at all. Then I tried it on a sterling silver pendant. It worked like a charm.

Forget the silver polish cloths, forget all of the “silver” cleaners. I’ve tried them all and NOTHING cleans the tarnish off of silver as quickly, easily and completely as SOS soap pads.

No, I’m not getting paid to write this, and no, I do not hold stock in SOS. No, I am not related to anyone from the company. In other words this is a completely honest, from the heart sharing for anyone who owns anything silver and wants to clean it in a nanosecond.

There’s something in the soap that takes all dirt and any tarnish off silver. I’ve used it to clean silver necklace chains, and in seconds they looked brand new. They also do not scratch the silver, but use them gently, there’s no need to scrub.

Happy silver cleaning!

Copyright 2010 Barbara Rose, PhD.

2 thoughts on “SOS – The Secret Nobody Knows

  1. I tried this and it scratched my silver. Plus, some people may have silver plate, which definitely shouldn’t come in contact with an SOS pad.


    • Wow, Thank you for sharing this. I didn’t experience that with silver plate, maybe it depends upon the thickness.
      What I think is most effective is the blue suds, not the pad itself.

      I think what you shared can only help people! Don’t scrub the silver, just use the blue suds with a soft cloth!
      Here’s to shining silver, scratch free for all. :))


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