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This Means So Much

Keep shining your light, as a beacon for all to the lighthouse, you are helping your brothers and sisters to find their way…

Post Submitted Mon Nov 22, 2010 5:18 am EST

From: brendaforsey

Subject: Thankyou Barbara Rose


Thankyou for all that you do, all that you share, and your time, effort and most
of all love! Your love for humanity is beyond this earths plane, you are
utilizing your energy to help eveyone…and we just want to say how loved you
are from on high. We are here to say keep on keeping on…you are an amazing
soul, and very strong spirit. It is thru your intention and words, your message
is heard beyond your wildest imagination. WE are here to help support
you..and to be of service to humanity…thru all mediums that open their heart
to their true beingness if you will. Barbara, you have ben so dilligent in
using your inner abilities to make a difference in your sisters and brothers
lives…and we are here to say thankyou, and to keep on doing what you have been
guided to do. WE are here to say wee honor your decisions and the souls that
you are helping…dear are blessed, you are loved, and you are light.
You are making a diffenrece and so to say do not give up dear one…even if you
feel it at times..we are here to say…we are here..with yhou..for you..and with
hyou…in your heart of hearts…do not worry about the finances…they will be
sent your way as you sojourn on this journey…it seems arduos at times
perhaps…but we are here to applaud your determination to move forward inspite
of the way things look,, at times. you have been thru a lot dear one…give us
your heart…and we will help you move mountains…we are saying this to you as
we want to let you know we are here for you. You are a bright light and a
beautiful being, becoming yourself and standing transformed among your sisters
and brothers. Keep shining your light, as a beacon for all to the
lighthouse, you are helping your brothers and sisters to find their way…there
are many of you doing this, and your energies combine..and more light is shed
upon the planet earth, the jewel she is. We are here to thankyou for all that
you are doing…and to follow with your god presence, to be a part of the
energy, to be the love that you are in all ways…we applaud you once again…we
are supporting you..and we wish to say how loved your are, and how awesome your
energy is, and your light is seen for an eternity. You are gracious and gentle,
but strong and powerful all at the same time. Allowing love to guide you, and
the energy will bring you peace…and help others on their inner quest for
peace. WE love you
barabara rose..and we are happy to be of service for you!

Barbara i am sending this in, as you came into my head so much i sat and this
letter wrote itself, i just want to be of service to our dear brother and say to look within and allow their wisdom to flow…and Barbara you
are helping so much in teaching them to do this. Much love flows from my heart
to yours! Namaste dear one!

By Barbara Rose, PhD| Bestselling Author 33 Books| Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Expert| SAG-AFTRA

Bestselling Author of 33 Books| Global Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Expert| Public Speaker| Actor SAG-AFTRA

One reply on “This Means So Much”

Re: Thankyou Barbara Rose

WOW! I cannot find the words to express my humble appreciation for the Light
Being that YOU ARE, and the LOVE I felt flow “through” you while I was holding
every word within my heart – I want to say THANK YOU DEAREST ONE – So on target
this is! No, I will never give up, and as life got harsh with dearly needed
lessons, especially financial lessons, each one I will share in the coming weeks
during the intensives I am guided to hold, and the new books I am bringing
through – all can relate.

Your simple message is profound – as if YOU are an Angel from On High, I am
dearly grateful for your reaching out. I have needed this. I cannot do it all
on my own and have reached a point in my journey to share all spaces with
humanity – the process, the realization, the mission that we can only achieve

So please let me thank you for extending your pure heart and hand to help with
carrying me up. I am all too human, and growing just like everyone else. The
recent hardship I’ve experienced showed me how fragile I am, just human, can be
knocked down with a strong wind — but I DO, and WILL CONTINUE TO get Up and
continue upward, bringing all of humanity with me.

The lessons of Earth School are extremely arduous at times, but the wisdom I
have been able to glean as a seasoned veteran of Earth School has taught me that
EVERY cycle, EVERY DOWN IS FOLLOWED BY AN UPWARD TURN – and I cry like everyone
else. But at this point it almost feels like a dream – surreal – as if I’m
watching it on a screen. Then life feels dearly difficult, and after a good
sleep I wake up with renewed energy to continue where I left off.

I hope to continue to make a difference for all. There is nothing more special
than our loved ones — nothing on earth is more important than love, not money,
not food, not a home and I have been without all three over the last two months.
Nevertheless, I am determined with a will of iron to continue. I think it says
much when life is more scary than death. Death is easy – we all go to the same
home, but Life in earth school is difficult until we “get it” and as it brings a
smile to my face remembering how Robert Plant sang, “It’s not as hard, hard,
hard as it seems…” (From the song “Going to California” by LED ZEPPELIN circa
1977)we ALL can relate to the times we have felt that way – and maybe, just
maybe, that is what keeps us going.

I don’t have the words to adequately express my deepest appreciation, but I can
let you know I will be re-reading this message again because it is deeply
meaningful to me in the most profound way.

All my love,
Barbara Rose, PhD
{Group Founder}
Sat Nov 27, 2010 2:32 am


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