Rising in Life When You Feel Like a Failure

Individual Power
I remember when life knocked me down to my knees and I lost everything. I felt like a complete failure. What I learned was that by making a decision to rise above any and all circumstances, backed with the strongest inner vision of true heartfelt purpose, one day at a time, one moment at a time, I was able to transform my entire life.

Here below is a brief excerpt from the book Individual Power: Reclaiming Your Core, Your Truth and Your Life that I feel will help to inspire you with overcoming adversity, no matter how adverse your circumstances are.

Most, if not all, successful people have had to go through the process of finding their truth and sticking to it no matter what others said and no matter how many experiences were deemed as failures.

No experience is a failure.

You are not a failure simply because you have yet to achieve all you desire.

Experience is a teacher.

You and I have simply learned from our experiences.

The fateful twists of life amid our tragedies are what bring us our greatest strength and wisdom. You cannot ever judge your self as a failure simply because you have not yet succeeded.

Perhaps you are preparing for your success by way of varied life experiences.

To succeed, see the ideal life you long for as complete.

Know that because you deserve all of your joys to be made manifest, they shall be.

With resolve, understanding, and decisiveness, you can create the life you want and deserve, and you will stop buying into the belief that you are “less than” any other, no matter how much he or she may possess.

Compare yourself to no other, but gain inspiration from the few who have shared their pain and have overcome their darkest hour to shine again as the children they once were.

The only difference between them and you is an inner resolve, a decision backed with sheer will, vision, determination, and consistency.

That is the only difference.

© Copyright by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved. Excerpt from the book Individual Power: Reclaiming Your Core, Your Truth and Your Life (The Rose Group April 2003) ISBN: 097414570X

Individual PowerIndividual Power: Reclaiming Your Core, Your Truth and Your Life

If your life fell apart and you need to start over, this is the book that will successfully guide you into the life you truly want to live.


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