Awakening Your Higher Consciousness LIVE Global Seminars

This seminar class is held live, globally via phone on Wednesdays at 9:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time.

Class access is given to those whose registration is approved to prevent over booking in order to secure your space in the live seminars.

Registration closes without notice.

You will be able to receive personal help live, however classes are NOT recorded to protect your confidentiality.

There are two options for class tuition.

1. Regular Tuition is $20 US payable via fully secure Pay Pal.

2. If you are unable to pay the regular tuition you may register via Pay Pal with a love offering in the amount you can honestly afford.

cascadingNo one is ever denied class participation with Dr. Rose due to funds..

Watch for the next post for an overview of topics covered in the live Wednesday class seminars.

Post Your Questions & Comments Below.

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